Empowering Broken people

How Do you help broken people find wholeness? 

In our fast-paced world, we often tend to make snap judgments about people, thinking we know who they are and how they’ll turn out. We assign labels like “most likely to succeed” or “most likely to fail” based on surface impressions. But history has shown us time and again that these judgments can be wildly off the mark. One profound lesson we can learn is that potential and greatness can emerge from the most unexpected places.

Amidst the challenges of young adults today, society is in desperate need of a guiding light, an anchor that seems elusive in today’s world. While society often points fingers at education, social media, and entertainment for their struggles, the genuine solution remains uncharted. This article unveils the missing piece, offering insight into the essential elements that can mend the broken pieces of teenagers’ lives and help them find their way back to wholeness.

1. Love Them Through Everything

Unconditional love, akin to a life-giving stream, possesses the capacity to resuscitate even the most shattered of souls. It’s a love that persists even when they grapple with self-doubt and struggle to extend the same compassion towards themselves. Patiently navigating their complexities, understanding that wounded individuals often inflict pain on others, unveils the profound depth of empathy. 

This love, meticulously chosen as a course of action rather than a fleeting sentiment, stands as a beacon of hope and stability in their tumultuous lives.

2. Help Them Discover Their Strengths

Within the chasms of brokenness, a pervasive belief in one’s inherent worthlessness takes root. Unearthing the hidden strengths and dormant talents becomes a pivotal step in this journey of restoration. 

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Providing platforms for their skills to flourish, meticulously constructing opportunities for them to cultivate and showcase their innate capabilities, serves as a compass guiding them towards self-discovery. Gradually, these incremental triumphs kindle a fire of confidence that illuminates the path to a more empowered self.

3. Connect Them to God

The transformation of broken people necessitates a profound reconnection – one that leads them to the unwavering source of hope and healing. Connecting them to God is that effort to bridge the gap between their earthly struggles and the divine guidance found when relationship with God is restored. Encouraging them to seek solace in God’s presence, enabling them to draw strength from His unyielding love and boundless wisdom, affords them an anchor in the tumultuous seas of life and will aid in restoring hope and purpose within their life.

4. Pray with Them and for Them

In the arsenal of tools for transformation, prayer emerges as an immeasurably potent weapon. Prayer efficacy transcends the boundaries of human comprehension. Nurturing the practice of turning to prayer during moments of turmoil instills within broken people the recognition of God’s ever-present companionship. Reminding them of His unwavering support and the comfort His presence brings, encourages a habit of seeking God in prayer for counsel, which will in turn foster a sense of purpose and direction.

5. Demonstrate Truth in Love

Genuine love isn’t constrained by the fleetingness of moments; it extends its roots deep into the soil of authenticity. Authenticity is key! Is MUST be a real and transparent love. Addressing the trials and tribulations that punctuate their journey isn’t an act of indifference, but a demonstration of love in its purest form.

Embracing their challenges with a foundation of unwavering care, reinforced by relevant scriptures that resonate with their struggles, unfolds a tapestry of growth interwoven with compassion and truth. That sad reality is, far too often truth is demonstrated without love which often results in greater destruction. 

6. Remind Them of Their Identity

Among the fragments of brokenness, the concept of self-worth often lies shattered.Discovering true potential and identity can have its challenges because we are are worst enemy. People often see no good in themselves at all.

Reminding people of their identity as cherished and beloved children of God takes on a paramount significance. This unearths a source of strength that empowers them to emerge from the shadows of their past. Internalizing their adoption into the divine family, where love transcends earthly limitations, acts as a catalyst propelling them towards a future illuminated by hope and purpose.

Author | Matt Connors

Matt is a dedicated and dynamic youth leader with almost 15 years of ministry experience. Passionate about young adults, leadership, and Jesus Christ, he connects with youth, fosters their spiritual growth, and empowers them to become leaders in their communities. Through engaging sermons, mentorship, and innovative outreach, Pastor Matt impacts lives and shapes the future of the next generation.

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