How To Be Happy

Is it possible to Find Happiness?

In a world where everyone seeks happiness and fulfillment, the pursuit of true joy is a universal desire. People often yearn to be happy, striving to fill the empty spaces within their hearts. However, far too often, even Christians find themselves living with a sense of emptiness. But where does this discontentment come from? In this blog post, we will explore the root causes of emptiness and discover the ultimate source of true happiness—being complete in Christ.

The Universal Longing for Happiness: No one wants to feel like something is missing in their life. The feeling of emptiness can lead to various struggles, like envy, fear of missing out, and a sense of lack. It is essential to recognize that this emptiness is not unique to certain individuals; rather, it is a result of being born into a sinful world. The separation from God due to sin creates an empty space in our souls, a void that only God can fill.

5 Steps to find true happiness

1. Abandon The Pursuit of False Fulfillment

One common reason for discontentment is the relentless focus on what we lack. Society’s emphasis on material possessions and achievements often leads us to believe that acquiring more will make us happy. But this pursuit is a never-ending cycle, as true happiness is not found in material possessions.

Additionally, many individuals base their sense of happiness on having their perceived needs met. Yet, even when some needs are fulfilled, we can still feel empty if our focus remains solely on temporary satisfactions.

2. Quit Searching in All the Wrong Places

Often, people seek happiness in the wrong areas of life, such as relationships, abilities, wealth, or popularity. The stories of biblical figures like Samson, David, the rich young ruler, and Solomon illustrate that true happiness cannot be found in people, abilities, money, or popularity.

3. Find Happiness in Christ

The key to true happiness lies in being complete in Christ. The Bible tells us that in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. We are united with Christ, and our salvation, justification, and acceptance come from this eternal union.

4. Embrace Your True Identity

To find happiness, we must embrace who we were created to be. Each of us is fearfully and wonderfully made by God, with unique strengths and purposes. Acknowledging and utilizing these strengths to fulfill our God-given purpose leads to a sense of fulfillment.

5. Place Complete Trust in God

Trusting in God is crucial for finding happiness. We must root ourselves in faith, believing in God’s love and provision for our future and relationships. Surrendering everything to God allows His fullness to manifest in our lives.

Happiness is not something we achieve someday in the future—it is available to us now. By shifting our focus from what we lack to what we already have in Christ, we can experience true happiness. Christ provides us with complete forgiveness, righteousness, favor, and protection.

In a world that often promotes the pursuit of empty desires, true happiness can only be found in Christ. Recognizing our unity with Him and embracing our God-given identity empowers us to live in fullness and joy. Instead of dwelling on our weaknesses and shortcomings, let us focus on Christ’s completeness and walk daily in the truth that we are already complete in Him. By doing so, we will experience the profound joy and peace that come from being happy in Christ.

Author | Matt Connors

Matt is a dedicated and dynamic youth leader with almost 15 years of ministry experience. Passionate about young adults, leadership, and Jesus Christ, he connects with youth, fosters their spiritual growth, and empowers them to become leaders in their communities. Through engaging sermons, mentorship, and innovative outreach, Pastor Matt impacts lives and shapes the future of the next generation.


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